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Ginger A. Moore - associate professor of psychology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Telling Lies

Author: Paul Ekman

Book Description:

This book found me.

I came across "Telling Lies" purely by chance while browsing library shelves during the time I was contemplating switching careers from computer science to clinical psychology. Although the content was unrelated to the area of psychology that I hoped to study, the title intrigued me. I was not disappointed; Paul Ekman's research studying facial expressions of emotion, particularly those that indicate a person could be lying, was fascinating.

Two years later, during an interview while applying to PhD programs in child clinical psychology, I learned that the prospective mentor was starting a new line of research on computer-automated recognition of human emotions. I was serendipitously familiar with the theoretical and methodological basis for emotion expression recognition because I had read Ekman's book. The prospective mentor and I had a lively discussion on this new direction in which he was headed and thus began a productive and satisfying collaboration and friendship that launched my career.


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