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Luis F. Ayala - associate professor of petroleum and natural gas engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Handbook of Natural Gas Engineering

Author: Katz, D.L., et al.

Book Description:

Katz's handbook is a classical reference in the field of natural gas engineering. Published in the late 1950s, it represented the first attempt at consolidating the vast array of topics, from basic to more advanced, integrated into the rapidly expanding field of natural gas engineering. An irreplaceable reference for anyone involved in the field, it continuously sheds light on the evolution of engineering concepts in our field while enduring the test of time. The lead author of the handbook, Donald LaVerne Katz, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan, was a true giant and world-renowned authority in the natural gas engineering field. He wrote this handbook together with six former students who also achieved significant stature in industry and academia. Today, decades after his passing in the late 1980s, I find his wealth of contributions to continue to be unmatched and his persona to be a source of inspiration as a highly accomplished and respected academician.


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