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Mohammad-Reza Tofighi - associate professor of electrical engineering, Penn State Harrisburg

Book Title: RF/Microwave Interaction with Biological Tissues

Author: André Vander Vorst, Arye Rosen, and Youji Kotsuka

Book Description:

Radio frequency (RF) and microwave technology is a key component of modern communication systems such as high speed internet and cell phones, and many books have been written by various experts about this technology from a purely engineering point of view. This book, on the other hand, provides a background on how RF/microwave radiation interacts with human body, and how the use of this technology has contributed to the development of therapeutic applications in areas such as cardiology, urology, surgery, and oncology.

I have selected this book because of its special meaning to me. One day in early 2003, when I was a post-doc at Drexel, Arye Rosen approached me. He spoke with me about this book that he was co-authoring and if I could design some problems for it. I didn't hesitate to accept, since I respected him a lot, and it would add at least one more line to my CV anyway. That moment was the start of a mentorship and collegial friendship that has lasted up to this day. During the course of this relationship, I have learned some of the most valuable lessons of my life, and I have always felt fortunate to benefit from an excellent mentor and a great human being.


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