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Margaret A. Voss - associate professor of biology, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Book Title: Life's Devices: The Physical World of Animals and Plants

Author: Steven Vogel

Book Description:

This book was the inspiration for my passionate interest in the relationship between internal (physiological) and external (ecological) environments, and the adaptive mechanisms that enable animals to function under extreme conditions. Steven Vogel writes about biomechanics, one of my first loves as a graduate student. His work gave me insight into the surprising, but predictable, patterns of structure and function that result when biological necessity bumps up against the limitations of the physical world. Although Vogel’s focus on this interface is in terms of biomechanics, it may also take the form of physiology and behavior, my areas of interest. Needless to say, Vogel’s writings have had a major impact on the direction of my research career; I hope they continue to inspire students for many years to come.


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