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Angela Lueking - associate professor of energy and mineral engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Career Strategies for Women in Academia: Arming Athena

Author: Dr. Lynn H. Collins, Joan C. Chrisler, and Dr. Kathryn Quina, eds.

Book Description:

I first read this book as a graduate student during a time when I was struggling with career choices, finishing my PhD thesis, and various climate issues. At the time, the book served as a bit of an "aha" moment and helped me to see that my struggles were perhaps not atypical, particularly in a male-dominated engineering field, and second, that there was nothing wrong with me and I was not somehow incapable of being a PhD scientist/engineer. In short, it opened my eyes. Returning to this book six (or more) years later, I find a lot of savvy advice for women academics. Compared to other books of this type, I appreciate the fact that it offers various perspectives and "can do" advice from a very positive, proactive perspective; yet, it also provides first-hand accounts from women academics that provide a perspective of the costs and benefits of each approach.


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