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William M. McGuigan - associate professor of human development and family studies, Penn State Shenango

Book Title: The Riddle of Amish Culture

Author: Donald Kraybill

Book Description:

In his book The Riddle of Amish Culture Donald Kraybill provides a “looking glass” into a seldom studied ethnic subgroup, the Amish. The book is informative and easy to read for anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of the Amish and their lifestyle. Kraybill describes the simple down-to-earth ways in which the Amish live according to the principles of their faith, value and support family members of all ages, secure the continued existence of their community, and safeguard their ethnic identity. For these reasons alone the Amish lifestyle merits the attention of family scholars. Reading this book six years ago inspired me to embark upon my own personal study of the Amish. My involvement with the Amish has since become part of my daily life. As a result, I have developed deep friendships among the Amish and have had to seriously reevaluate my own definitions of faith, family, and community.


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