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Tai-Yin Huang - associate professor of physics, Penn State Lehigh Valley

Book Title: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Author: Thomas Kuhn

Book Description:

I highly recommend the book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn to anyone who is in the field of science or who is interested in the development of science. The development of science is not by the accumulation of individual discoveries and inventions as most people would think. Instead, the advancement of science usually involves scientific revolutions that shatter the contemporary paradigms. Numerous turning points in the scientific development can be associated with the well-known scientists Copernicus, Newton, and Einstein, just to name a few. The wisdom that can be derived from reading the book is that we as scientists should think critically and should not subject ourselves to accepting the paradigms without thinking critically because today’s paradigms could become tomorrow’s erroneous theories.


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