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Jay C. Amicangelo - associate professor of chemistry, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

Book Title: Matrix-Isolation Techniques: A Practical Approach

Author: Ian R. Dunkin

Book Description:

When I was a postdoctoral researcher, I had made a decision that I was going to change my research focus when I became a faculty member and that the new area I was going to venture into was that of matrix isolation spectroscopy. I had read many scientific articles in the chemical literature about matrix isolation spectroscopy and so had a reasonable knowledge about the types of molecules that can be studied and a basic idea about the experimental apparatus, however, I had no firsthand experience with the technique. In my literature studies of this technique as a postdoc, I found this book which actually went into many of the practical details of the equipment and techniques used by those that practice in this research area. This gave me confidence that I could construct a matrix isolation spectroscopy apparatus even though I had not had prior experience with the technique. So when I arrived at Penn State Erie in the fall of 2002, one of the first purchases I made was to buy a copy of this book for myself and I have read the entire book cover to cover. This book helped me immensely in getting my research program in matrix isolation spectroscopy up and running and even now I still go back to this book sometimes when I encounter some difficulty with the apparatus that I have not experienced before.


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