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Yuan Xie - associate professor of computer science and engineering, Penn State University Park

Book Title: High Speed CMOS Design Styles

Author: Kerry Bernstein et al.

Book Description:

High Speed CMOS Design Styles is written for the graduate-level student or practicing engineer who is primarily interested in circuit design. It is intended to provide practical reference, or "horse sense," to mechanisms typically described with a more academic slant. This book is organized so that it can be used as a textbook or as a reference book. High Speed CMOS Design Styles provides a survey of design styles in use in industry, specifically in the high speed microprocessor design community.

The leading author of this book, Kerry Bernstein, is my former colleague and mentor in IBM, where I worked as a design engineer, before I joined Penn State in 2003. Kerry has influenced me a lot in terms of finding new research directions and how to do research that can have significant impact on industry. He has co-authored a few other books, all of which have great impact in academia and industry. I really enjoy reading his books and working together with him.


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