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Priya Sharma - associate professor of education (instructional systems), Penn State University Park

Book Title: The Construction of Knowledge: Contributions to Conceptual Semantics

Author: Ernst Von Glasersfeld

Book Description:

As an educator and someone who does research on how best to facilitate learning, I have tried to develop a coherent philosophy of knowledge and understanding to guide my practice and my research.

Glasersfeld's explication of radical constructivism is, to me, the most coherent explanation of personal knowing and it has been immensely helpful in guiding my teaching, my research, and my everyday interactions with people.

The book that I have selected is one that I haven't read beforeā€”it contains a preliminary set of essays written by Glasersfeld, before he formally explicated the philosophy of radical constructivism and I am very much looking forward to understanding more about the development of this philosophy.


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