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Aldo W. Morales - professor of electrical engineering, Penn State Harrisburg

Book Title: Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems

Author: B.P. Lathi

Book Description:

I struggled a lot to identify a proper recognition book for my promotion to full professor in electrical engineering, Penn State Harrisburg. I vacillated among powerful graduate and undergraduate books, considering their breadth and depth and the ones that made a mark on my teaching and research career. I have seen wonderfully written books and some extremely awful ones, which I prefer not to mention here. It seems to me that Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems by B.P. Lathi conveys a wonderful explanation of all the major components for a digital communications engineer, from the basic Fourier Transform to Sampling, to Random Processes and Error Correction Codes. The author is skillful in conveying difficult concepts in a plain and practical manner, which as an engineering educator, I find both astonishing and inspiring.


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