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Jennifer L. Hillman - professor of psychology, Penn State Berks

Book Title: Therapy Wars: Contention and Convergence in Differing Clinical Approaches

Author: N. Saltzman and J. C. Norcross, Editors

Book Description:

In this unique volume, a series of experts are presented with difficult and complex cases, and are asked to respond to the case and to each other, in turn, from their own theoretical orientation. This approach celebrates the diversity of clinical psychology and highlights the ability of skilled clinicians to tolerate ambiguity and embrace an integrative approach for the benefit of their patients and clients. This book also helped me understand that even well known, gifted clinicians actively seek out consultation and advice, and learn readily from unavoidable mistakes. This book also is so important to me because my mentor, George Stricker, recommended it to me as I began my formal training as a clinician. I only hope I can contribute to George's legacy as a passionate and open-minded researcher, clinician, and teacher.


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