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William C. Kenyon - associate professor of design and head of BFA program in design and technology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: A World Lit Only by Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance—Portrait of an Age

Author: William Manchester

Book Description:

Theatre is an art that calls upon all aspects of human history and experience to fully develop. This has always fascinated me as I’ve forged my career as a designer. There isn’t anything that I’ve learned or done that hasn’t, in some way, been called upon as I’ve worked in the theatre over the years. As a student, I had the good fortune to take Art History, Music History, and Theatre History at the same time, and the connections between the three became immediately apparent. This book is full of these parallels, and while it doesn’t really speak to theatre production or design in any way, it really brings to light the interconnections that theatre, history, and the humanities share. I hope you enjoy it.


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