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Nicole S. Webster - associate professor of agricultural and extension education, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Code of the Street—Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City

Author: Elijah Anderson

Book Description:

I remember picking up this book and reading it after determining that I wanted to conduct qualitative studies in urban and distressed communities. After reading Code of the Street, it opened my eyes to the depth of qualitative research that had been conducted in urban communities and the need for more researchers of color to engage in socially responsible work in these areas. I was fascinated by the eloquence with which Anderson spoke as he described the blueprint of urban life. His culturally relevant research-based text filled in the gaps that were missing from much of the mainstream literature. His words told a very vivid story that inspired me to want to tell the same types of stories in my line of work. As I moved toward building my line of research, I would periodically read a couple of passages to help me keep focused and to know that I was headed down the right path.


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