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Jeffery M. Peters - professor of molecular toxicology and carcinogenesis, Penn State University Park

Book Title: What I Learned From Jackie Robinson: A Teammate's Reflections On and Off the Field

Author: Carl Erskine

Book Description:

Can you name three things that a professor of molecular toxicology and carcinogenesis has in common with Jackie Robinson? Neither can I. Yet, despite this fact, he remains one of my heroes. Thus, in commemoration of my promotion, I have chosen a book about this remarkable man. While one is faced with many challenges in order to get promoted in academia, these challenges pale in comparison to those faced and overcome by Jackie Robinson. Mr. Robinson is a role model for everyone, including adults and kids who play Little League baseball. His life story illustrates how by remaining persistent and professional in the face of adversity one can change the minds and hearts of men and women. In contrast to my work, Jackie Robinson's achievements had and will continue to have fundamental effects on our society. I hope that as you read this book, you, too, will gain an appreciation for Jackie Robinson, and perhaps, he will become one of your heroes, too.


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