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Stephan C. Schuster - professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Tears of the Cheetah

Author: Stephen J. O'Brien

Book Description:

The book brings the excitement to a general audience that many scientists feel when working on projects in molecular genetics and molecular evolution. Stephen J O'Brien, a member of the National Cancer Institute, manages to capture his audience with a series of intriguing stories that guide the reader through many ecosystems of the planet and teach the basics of species definitions and evolution. Central to the book are his ideas on the biological relevance of genetic diversity, which plays an important role in conservation efforts. It should not be left unnoticed that his views have triggered a broad series of responses, from outright rejection from fellow scientists to becoming an acclaimed star of the popular press. However, I believe the book is more than suitable to catch the interests of a younger readership, that is being introduced to just how far molecular science can impact the general understanding of biology today.


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