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Book Title: The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality

Author: Robert T. Francoeur

Book Description:

Sexuality is a natural part of human existence. However, ignorance about human sexuality is rampant throughout the world, even within our own society. This ignorance negatively impacts people's sexual health and well-being resulting in such difficulties as gender inequalities, unhappy relationships, unwanted pregnancies, spread of sexually transmissible infections (like HIV), and various types of stigma, harassment, and abuse. Yet scholars and scientists who try to shed light into this misunderstood field of study (sexology), often face professional and personal ridicule as well as barriers to their work. Thus, I would like to acknowledge the extremely difficult task it was to compile such a comprehensive scholarly compendium of the universality, yet diversity, of sexualities experienced in various societies throughout the world. I wish to express great admiration for the courage of the women and men who have advanced our knowledge of this important aspect of life, many of whom contributed to this international effort. They have been an inspiration to my own career.


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