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Daniel R. Cahoy - associate professor of business law, Penn State University Park

Book Title: The Economic Structure of Intellectual Property Law

Author: William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner

Book Description:

My research focuses on intellectual property rights, such as patents and copyrights. Generally, these rights are believed to be useful economic incentive mechanisms for increasing innovation and creative output. Like all legal mechanisms, intellectual property rules are premised on a number of notions about the economic and social norms that guide behavior. It is easy to assume these notions are true and simply move forward in the analysis. However, this book takes a different track. It begins from the most fundamental assumptions and reconsiders the underpinnings of the entire system. By virtue of its open-minded and detailed analysis, it has caused me to challenge several notions about intellectual property that I believed were settled. The reluctance to accept the prevailing legal dogma and the search for a new understanding through the application of serious, methodological analysis has served as an inspiration to my research.


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