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Kathleen M. Kelley - associate professor of horticultural marketing and business management, Penn State University Park

Book Title: The Tipping Point: How little things can make a big difference

Author: Malcolm Gladwell

Book Description:

n his book, Malcolm Gladwell investigates and presents research that demonstrates how one person, or small consumer segment, can influence other's attitudes, actions, and preferences. An emphasis of how the message is spread from "a few to many" involves identifying "Mavens," those consumers who seek out new ideas and share their knowledge with others. Gladwell not only provides evidence as to how large corporations have promoted a product in a way that will ensure its adoption, first by a specific group and then by the mainstream consumer, but how individuals can distribute their message using a similar process. A primary focus of my research, teaching, and extension programs is to investigate how and why consumers make choices about the horticultural goods and services they purchase for themselves and their families. The content of this book allows me to educate those I interact with (retailers, producers, and Penn State students) as to how they can inform their clientele about goods and services they provide in a way that can be readily adapted to today's society.


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