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Juanita L. Brown - professor of food science, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Food Politics: How the food industry influences nutrition and health

Author: Marion Nestle

Book Description:

I chose this book as representative of the work of a group of distinguished women nutrition professionals who are located in New York City and who influenced my own thinking about food and nutrition education. In this group, Marion Nestle, professor at New York University, represents a nutritionist who provides commentary on one aspect of the relationship of the food industry and nutrition in the book I have chosen, Food Politics.

I see other aspects of that relationship as a member of the Food Science Department at Penn State University. Two other women on the faculty at Teachers College in New York City, where I received a Master of Science in nutrition and public health, influenced my professional career. One was Joan Gussow, now emeritus professor of nutrition, whose book, The Feeding Web, led me to return to graduate school and secure a master's degree. The other was Isobel Contento, now professor of nutrition, who was one of my instructors and who recently published a college textbook on nutrition education, Nutrition Education: Linking research, theory and practice, that I undoubtedly helped test as a graduate student in that department.


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