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Shaun L. Gabbidon - professor of criminal justice, Penn State Harrisburg

Book Title: Black-on-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination

Author: Amos N. Wilson

Book Description:

I chose this book because, after nearly completing undergraduate and graduate degrees in criminal justice, I still wasn't aware of the dire crime and justice issues confronting the black community. Further, when I found out the serious nature of the issues, there was no existing "mainstream" analysis that seriously sparked my intellectual curiosity. To put it mildly, Amos Wilson's book changed that. His book awakened me to insights that challenged what I had been taught. Furthermore, it led me to confront the issue of white supremacy and how its psychological manifestation among black people likely contributed to the etiology of so-called "Black-on-Black" violence. Even today, his radical "out-of-the-box" thinking inspires me to explore research projects that go down "the path less traveled." On a final note, I feel blessed to have been able to attend one of Dr. Wilson's lectures in person. At that lecture, I was also fortunate enough to briefly meet him before his untimely death in 1995.


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