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Lewis Asimeng-Boahene - associate professor of social studies education, Penn State Harrisburg

Book Title: The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography

Author: Sidney Poitier

Book Description:

I always liked watching Sidney Poitier as an actor, and enjoyed his book a great deal. I really like reading memoirs, and that's one of the reasons I liked his book. He is intelligent, reflective, thoughtful and candid.

So what did I especially like about the book? I think it's an important book, in that I saw and learned about myself from the book, but I also saw and learned about others from the book as well. I learned about his childhood and why he still admires his parents so much, and how the training he had as a child shaped him in the profound ways it did.

I liked what he was able to accomplish with a very low level of formal education. Needless to say, I value education, but I think there's a real tendency to assume that only educated people are intelligent. Obviously, Sideney Poitier begs to differ.

Finally, I chose the book because I found it to be an intellectual chocolate worth biting twice.


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