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Judith E. Sturges - associate professor, Penn State Fayette, The Eberly College

Book Title: Exploring Jail Operations

Author: Kenneth E. Kerle

Book Description:

I am choosing the text, Exploring Jail Operations by Kenneth E. Kerle. Jails are considered the stepchildren of corrections, and issues concerning jails are often overlooked. Since jails are often the entry point where offenders and the public first come in contact with the criminal justice system, it is important to understand jails. The issues addressed in this text, such as suicide and persons with mental illness, and women in jail work and as inmates, affect people’s lives both on a personal level and a societal level. This monograph also addresses issues relevant to running jails, such as training, crowding, inspections, and management. Overall, Kerle’s text and personal support have assisted me in attaining national and international attention to my area of interest, the affects of jail visitation policies on offenders' families.


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