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Book Title: Memories and Melancholy: Reflections on the Mahoning Valley and Youngstown, Ohio

Author: Richard S. Scarsella

Book Description:

I grew up in the Youngstown, Ohio area and lived there until I was 22 years old. During that time, I witnessed the city's decline from a thriving industrial city into an area that is one of the most economically challenged in our country. However, Youngstown continues to be a very special place for me, my family, and friends. While I was growing up, I didn't realize what a unique and interesting area this was. Only after leaving did I begin to better appreciate Youngstown's wonderful mix of ethnic groups, its strong appreciation of the working classes, and the fact that it is where I met some of the most intriguing and funny people in my life. I continue to visit regularly, and continue to hope that the city will somehow bounce back from its hardships.


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