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Alison A. Carr-Chellman - Professor of Education, Department Learning and Performance Systems, Program Instructional Systems, Penn State University Park

Book Title: The Holy Bible, Washburn College Edition

Author: Bradbury Thompson

Book Description:

This book was donated by Dottie Henderson and is a rare Bible that the library did not already own. Dottie is a dear friend and a benefactor of the PSU Libraries. I was honored when she suggested that she'd donate the book to the library on my behalf. The Washburn Collegiate Edition seemed an excellent addition to the Penn State Library collections. The Bible itself has always had very high influence on my life and career. It has been invaluable in building a clear meaning of social justice which has led me to devote my life to building fairer systems of education and learning. But the story of this particular edition of the Bible is one of perseverance --a character trait that I have found central to my own academic pursuits. I began to read the Bible as a young girl, and my understandings of it were simplistic. During my college years, in particular, I became more critical of the Bible and even began to see it as an anti-intellectual book. After years of engaging this text throughout my life, I now have a more holistic perspective on what the life of faith and the life of the mind can bring to one another when properly partnered.


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