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Malika Richards - Associate Professor of Management, Penn State Berks

Book Title: Blunders in International Business

Author: David Ricks

Book Description:

I have made many "blunders" myself while working overseas. Using humor, this book will open the eyes of those who have not yet ventured overseas. The reader will wonder "what were they thinking?" at some of the examples, yet might have made the same blunder in other situations. The experience of living outside your native country changes you in ways you cannot predict or imagine. It opens you to new ways of seeing the world. You learn that there are other "rationales" for behavior that you never considered before. Other cultures place more importance on certain values than you. You will find yourself frustrated in some situations and not know why until you reflect back later. This book on blunders will help open your eyes so that you can reflect on the possibilities. You, too, can learn from your intercultural blunder


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