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F. Michele Ramsey - Associate Professor of Communication Arts & Science and Women's Studies, Penn State Berks

Book Title: Prime Time Feminism: Television, Media Culture, and the Women's Movement since 1970

Author: Bonnie J. Dow

Book Description:

As a Ph.D. student Dow's work in this book helped me identify how I wanted to integrate my political science and rhetoric training with my interest in the impact of popular culture on public notions of feminism and public policy. The winner of two national awards, the book was the first detailed analysis of televisual representations of feminism and the women's movement. With style and precision Dow carefully examines how television situation comedies and dramas have resonated with the rhetoric of the women's movement, thus in part impacting how viewers "make sense" of feminism. In an enormous stroke of luck, Dow's book was released the year that I started my Ph.D. and Dow joined the faculty of my department. Thus, on a personal note, this book was written by my dissertation advisor, and my promotion and tenure is a testament to my good training at the hands of an extraordinary scholar.


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