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Richard A. Brazier - Associate professor of Mathematics, Penn State Dubois

Book Title: Modern Global Seismology

Author: Thorne Lay, Terry Wallace

Book Description:

The sheer number of times I reference Modern Global Seismology in my daily research warrants this book as my choice for the most significant book in my career. This is the book I start my undergraduate research students reading and it is the book I have used in every research endeavor I have worked on. While many books have contributed to my career, those that have aided in my transition from mathematics to seismology have been the most important. Quantitative Seismology by Aki and Richards, and Geophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse Theory by Menke have also been vital in my research as they are rich in mathematical detail. However none of these have the explanations of the fundamentals of seismology written as clearly and elegantly as Modern Global Seismology while maintaining mathematical detail.


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