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Richard M. Kubina Jr. - Associate Professor of Special Education, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Handbook of the standard celeration chart

Author: H.S. Pennypacker, Anibal Gutierrez, Jr., and O.R. Lindsley

Book Description:

Scientists use graphical displays to communicate. As a scientist, I have felt and seen the profound influence of what a truly exemplary inscription device can have on the lives of those who use it. I learned about the standard celeration chart as an undergraduate and now teach it to all undergraduates in the hopes that this wonderful inscription device can play a role in bettering others lives. I share the last written words of the inventor of the standard celeration chart, Ogden Lindsley, and continue to draw inspiration from them: “We are not trying to be absolutely perfect. We are trying to race up a steep mountain of learning information which we have only just started to collect. Stand on my shoulders as I stood on Fred Skinner's shoulders. You see more big things from up here and you see further.”


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