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Kathleen A. Fescemyer - Associate Librarian, Penn State University Park

Book Title: Native trees for North American landscapes : from the Atlantic to the Rockies

Author: Guy Sternberg and James W. Wilson

Book Description:

I learned to appreciate reading and books, and how they can take you to far away place while in an oxygen tent in first grade. Books have always been a part of my life, and the decision of which book to add my promotion and tenure bookplate is difficult. I chose this book because it provides excellent information on adding trees to our environment. It reflects my interest in plants and in the environment, and it is my hope that it encourages people to plant more native trees. Two thank-yous must be included with this bookplate. To my husband, Howard, and my son, William, for encouraging me during the hard times. And to my parents, who took me to the public library every week while growing up.


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