Study Guide

The materials on this site are useful for both undergraduate and graduate education. On this page, a series of questions suggested by the materials on the site appears.

  • How do the materials on this site shape the way you think of authorship? What aspects of authorship does the site showcase? Do any of the materials seem unusual or out of place? Did you expect to find any materials here that are not displayed?

  • Do you think that some types of documents should not be made available to the public even if they are in the hands of university libraries and Special Collections departments? If so, what documents and why? If not, why not?

  • How does the double exposure photograph of Richter emblematize his personality?

  • In the section dealing with Richter and his longtime bookseller, Karl Goedecke, you can view a few of the more than 200 invoices for books ordered by Richter. What do you think can be learned by knowing which books Richter purchased?

  • How would you describe the tone of Richter's letters seeking employment?
  • Why do you think both scholars and general readers might be interested in the correspondence of authors? What insights might the correspondence provide? Do you see any examples of these in Richter's letters?

  • What can you learn from the financial records Richter kept?
  • What types of changes does Richter make in the scene from The Waters of Kronos traced on this site?

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