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page 218-219
Page 218-219 of La Vie, 1944
1943, pages 210-211
Page 210-211 of La Vie, 1943
1947, page 2
Page 2 of La Vie, 1947
La Vie, the Penn State University annual student yearbook, has been in production documenting student life continuously since 1890. La Vie is a student publication governed by an internal Board of Directors who manage and control the copy rights to La Vie publications.

The Online La Vie project, digitizing yearbooks beginning in 1890 through 2000, is a joint collaboration between the Penn State University Archives and the University Libraries Digitization and Preservation Department. Review the details concerning the specifications for digitizing these volumes.

Questions or concerns about the Online La Vie project can be submitted to University Archivist Jackie R. Esposito at

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