Myles Birket Foster (1825–1899). Brittany, a Series of Thirty-five Sketches. Whitley, Surrey: Published by the artist, 1878.

After a long holiday from book illustrations, Birket Foster left for Brittany, a subject, as he put it "that I know about." As he explained in his preface to this large, handsome, and quite heavy volume, he employed Machure and Macdonald to transfer his sketches to lithographic stone. He provided a text and simple captions and published and sold the book on his own. The pages are edged in gold, the thick paper is tinted cream, the text printed in spepia, and the illustrations in sepia and natural tones.

One reviewer praised Foster as an artist who truly understood cats. Indeed the prints in this volume are far more incisive and specific and less dreamlike than much of Foster's work.